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The Attributes Which We Are Proud Of

Department of Pharmacognosy

4 Pharmacognosy Laboratories:

  1. Pharmacognosy Lab- I
  2. Pharmacognosy Lab- II
  3. Museum

Pharmacognosy Laboratories are well equipped. We provide all the facilities to  our students for developing skills in learning morphological and microscopical characters of natural drugs using Compound Microscope, Dissection Microscope & Projection Microscope. Various crude drugs, charts, slides are available in lab for students.

Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology Laboratories:

  1. Pharmacology Lab -I
  2. Pharmacology Lab -II
  3. Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab.


Pharmacology department trains the students in Anatomy & Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology. Students are given facilities to understand different system of Human Anatomy & their function & Pathology with the help of Models, Charts, Permanent Slides, Bones, Skelton etc. Here students learn about the General principle of pharmacology, dose, Mechanism of action of drugs etc.

Software for the basic demonstration of Pharmacological experiments is also available in department for students .  

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratories:

  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab- I
  2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab- II
  3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab- III
  4. Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab.
  5. Central Instrumentation room.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratories are meant for synthesis, purification, extraction, identification and quantification tests of organic, inorganic, herbs and various medicinal compounds. Department works on various analytical techniques like titration, gravimetric and volumetric analysis and assay of compounds.

Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics Laboratories

  1. Pharmaceutics Lab-I
  2. Pharmaceutics Lab -II
  3. Pharmaceutics Lab-III
  4. Biotechnology Lab
  5. Machine Room
  6. Central Instrumentation room

Pharmaceutics Labs help in training the students in the manufacturing of drugs and formulation of drugs. Various practical aspects of Pharmaceutics like Physical Pharmacy, Unit operation, Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Biopharmaceutics, Community Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Microbiology etc are taught to the students in this department.

The research interest of the Department is carrying out in Pharmacokinetics and novel drug delivery system studies.

Machines available in Our machine room is.

  1. Capsule Filling Machine
  2. Bottle Filling and Sealing Machine
  3. Coating Pan
  4. Mechanical Sieve Shaker
  5. Ointment Filling and Sealing Machine
  6. Tincture Press
  7. Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine
  8. Ampoule Clarity Test Apparatus
  9. Ball Mill
  10. Tray Dryer

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