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The Attributes Which We Are Proud Of

Department of community Medicine

Community Medicine is the field concerned with the study of health &disease in the population or a defined community or groups. Its goal is to identify the health problems, needs of defined populations (community diagnosis) and to plan, implement, and evaluate the extent to which health measures effectively meet these needs.. The Department of Community Medicine aims at preparing a public health expert who has training and skill to assess health status of people, their health needs and demands and use this information to plan, prioritize and implement Primary Health Care, and evaluate it.

Department of Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is ideal for students interested in the science of exercise and nutrition, and its impact on the body.  Exercise physiology educates students in the life sciences for careers in a variety of areas including medicine, physical and occupational therapy, athletic training, and exercise physiology. The program in Sport Management prepares our students for careers in the world of sports business including marketers, athletic directors, and facility managers.


Department. of Electrotherapeutics

Electrotherapy Department always strikes to be best source for education, diagnostic and therapy for students to enhance understanding of the subject.
Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy as a medical treatment. Electrotherapy is primarily used in physical therapy for relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, increase of local blood circulation, muscle rehabilitation and re-education electrical muscle stimulation, maintaining and increasing range of motion, management of chronic and intractable pain, post-traumatic acute pain, post-surgical acute pain, immediate post-surgical stimulation of muscles to prevent venous thrombosis, wound healing and drug delivery

Department of Cardiorespiratory

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy is an area of physiotherapy that specializes in the prevention, rehabilitation, and compensation of clients with diseases and injuries in the heart and lungs. These conditions may manifest themselves as shortness of breath, persistent cough, increased work of breathing or the reduced ability to exercise.

Department of Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the study of the forces that act on a body and the effects they produce. It is an intersection of biology, physiology, anatomy, physics, mathematics, and chemistry to solve difficult problems in medicine and health

Department of Neurophysiotherapy

Neurophysiotherapy Faculty of Swasthya kalyan college of physiotherapy has the vision to impart indepth knowledge of Neuroanatomy, 
Neurological physiotherapists are experienced and trained to treat neurological conditions with the aim to provide interventions which assist an individual to regain or maintain their maximum movement and functional independence. This is achieved by aiding in the development of new pathways through repetition and exercise.

It is now widely recognized that appropriate exercise can be an effective disease prevention strategy and is integral to the management of those with a variety of cardio respiratory conditions.

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