About Swasthya Kalyan

Swasthya Kalyan Group was established in 1982 and runs under Puranmal Phoola Devi Memorial Trust. The Group is focussed towards the welfare of people through our educational and healthcare services. Over years, we have encouraged ideas, nurtured talents and served people with utmost dedication and commitment. The Group represents a highly evolved environment of teaching and research, infrastructure comparable to the best amongst its peers, and a highly qualified and respected faculty.

Founder and Guiding Light of
Pooranmal Phoola Devi Memorial Trust

28 June 1925 – 27 November 2001

About the Pooranmal Phoola Devi Memorial Trust

Pooranmal Phoola Devi Memorial Trust was founded in 1980 by Late Shri Kalyan Prasad Ji Agarwal Sootwale as a tribute to his parents Late Shri Pooranmal Ji Agarwal Sootwale and Late Smt. Phoola Devi Agarwal. The trust has since functioned to provide medical relief to the poor and skilled human resource to the nation. With charity in mind and goodwill in the heart, the trust has travelled through time providing hope, health and happiness to the society. Through healthcare centres, educational institutions, and social endeavours, the trust fulfils its duty of serving and strengthening the roots of our society. The trust concentrates on sustainable development through empowerment and education of the community.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable and affordable
educational and medical services

Our mission

To enrich the life of people of Rajasthan by providing skilled training and quality healthcare services

Chairman’s Message

Quality is never an accident; it is rather a result of pursuit towards perfection. We strongly advocate and pursue the policy of excellence in higher education. Since past 32 years, SWASTHYA KALYAN GROUP is unequivocally imparting quality education and healthcare services to empower and heal the diverse socio-economic sections of our country. The vision of our group is clear “PROVIDING SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE & QUALITY HEALTH & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES”.

We are aware about the lack of creative stimulation imparted to the students in the country. To counter this, we have developed a team of highly positive academicians who are driven to guide the students to excavate their creativity. The motive is to counter the challenges that every youngster faces in today’s world. We hope that this effort shall bridge the technical & creative divide and make the youth of the country more readily employable.

We are also aware of the constant developments in the field of healthcare. We make sure that each and every healthcare specialist passing from our institutions is well in tune with these developments and undertakes a modern clinical approach. Through round the year development programs, visits to hospitals and seminars, we make it sure that our students are well equipped to serve the modern population. We also look to develop a sense of responsibility in our students towards the sick and the impoverished through various social programs and involvements throughout the year. We hope & we endeavor that our belief guides us to contribute handily in developing a modern India.

Our Leadership

Dr. Shyam Sunder Agarwal


Dr. Sarvesh Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Shraddha Agarwal

Chief Strategy Officer