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We, at Swasthya Kalyan Blood Bank, understand that 'Making safe blood available on time' can save a life!. For many years now, we have been serving people and have built up our reputation for our excellence in Blood services. To make a request for blood, all you need to do is to contact us. Since human blood is categorized as a 'Drug' under Drugs and Cosmetics Act. So the request for blood must come through a doctor. Given below are the simple steps to request for Blood from our bank.

Step1: Filling up the form

You can also get the form from the Reception of our Blood Bank. We request you to kindly go through the instructions given in the form carefully, before filling it up. The form needs to be personally submitted at the reception of the Blood Bank.

Step 2: Recruiting a Replacement Donor

Survey shows that every minute, every day of the year, someone needs blood! Our aim is to keep providing the life-saving potion- "Blood" to the needy souls. But we also need to ensure that our Blood bank does not run dry! So we request the physicians to recruit a Non-remunerated Voluntary replacement Blood Donor. This donor could be either family or friend of the Recipient. It is the duty of the physician to take complete medical history of the person to ensure his suitability as a donor.

Step 3: Sending Patient's blood sample

The physician must send 5 ml of blood sample of the patient along with the form. The blood sample should be obtained in a stopper plain vial containing anticoagulant. It must bear a label carrying the following details:

dot Patient's full name
dot IIdentification number
dot Name of hospital
dot Ward/bed number
dot Date and time
dot Phlebotomist's signature/ initials

When recipient's (patient's) blood sample is received in our Blood Bank laboratory, our qualified staff confirms, if the information on the label and on the transfusion request form are identical. In case of any discrepancy or doubt a new sample will have to be submitted. The physician must also send a brief clinical note emphasizing the importance and urgency of blood transfusion clearly.

Step 4: Submitting the Form

To submit the form, the replacement donor must come personally to the Blood Bank. The form and the Patient's Blood sample should be submitted at our reception area along with the donor card, if present.
While donated blood is free, there are significant costs associated with collecting, testing, preparing components, storing and shipping blood, recruiting and educating donors and quality assurance. As a result, processing fees are charged to recover costs. So you will also be required to pay the service charges.


Swasthya Kalyan blood bank was set up, with a mission to provide appropriate, high quality, safe blood or blood products, given by Voluntary donors for use by the medical community. We are proud to say that we have lived up to the expectation. We have a Quality control department to ensure sterility, viability, quantity, safety and quality of Blood products. When it comes to quality, we believe in making no compromises, especially when we know that someone's life depends on it!

What is Safe Blood? Safe blood means.
dot Blood which will not transmit disease
dot Blood which will not cause any adverse reactions
dot Blood which will serve the purpose for which it is transfused
What are the Steps taken to Ensure Quality products?
dot Swasthya Kalyan blood bank has installed the best systems with latest machines to ensure quality products. E.g. state-of-the-art testing laboratory, latest technology blood processing equipments, modern refrigerators and storage chambers etc.
dot BWe have highly qualified and motivated professionals for every operational level. Like -Doctors, haemotologists, nurses, technicians, EDP professionals and other staff.
dot We have intense screening procedures to select only healthy donors for Blood Donation. We subject all prospective donors to a thorough pre-donation evaluation which consists of case-taking, physical examination and Blood screening.
dot All the material that is used at our Blood Bank comes from very quality conscious and reputed vendors. Besides this, continuous check is run to screen the reagents and kits used. We believe in leaving nothing to chance.

While donated blood is free, there are significant costs associated with collecting, testing, preparing components, storing and shipping blood, recruiting and educating donors and quality assuranceas well as administrative cost. As a result, processing fees are charged to recover costs.

Blood / Blood Component Charges in rupees (for one unit)

RBC Conc/packed RBC's Single donor platelet conc. By Apheresis (SDP) Random donor platelet conc.(RDP) Fresh frozen Plasma(All clotting factors)(FFP) CRYO( cryo precipitated anti haemophilic factor von willebrand Factor , Factor VII and XII, Fibrinogen & Fibronectin) Whole Blood &Normal Human Plasma
600 7500 600 600 300 600 450


Please share your experience at Swasthya Kalyan Blood Bank. Whether it is regarding Donating Blood or receiving Blood, we would like to hear it all! Your views are valuable to us. It will help us to improve our services for you. We appreciate and respect the valuable time you would be spending in doing so for us!