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Career options and Job Prospects

The present trend of modern civilization has hampered our natural life style. Everything is now guided by the principles of technology and comfort with little concern for man's natural values. This change in basic attitude has altered our life style and the state of health is declining day by day. The artificial practice in food, shelter, relaxation, thinking, has made man a machine and his emotional pattern is suppressed highly. This problem is further compounded & the result is an irreversible chain of events leading to morbid effects on health.

More and more people have started looking towards Naturopathy and Yoga as holistic alternative cures and remedies since they are natural and are relatively free from side-effects.Given that there are very few trained professional in this field, the scope of this science is enormous and the demand for yoga instructors will keep catapulting upwards.

It is the right time for talented students to look forward to a career in this discipline. Work areas in Yoga can be divided into two areas, primarily teaching and Research and secondly as therapist. After doing this course, one can start their own consultancy services, work in an educational institute or even start a health center. Recently, due to globalization of the practice of Yoga, there is a tremendous demand for trainers for health centers, schools, resorts, TV shows, etc.

Government authorities worldwide, in India and in Rajasthan have prepared policies to promote this discipline through qualified professionals, in addition to Yog being supported by well known yogis, sports persons, artists, corporate houses and through tourism.

Thus a wide scope of career options is available internationally, corporate sector, education & training sector, Hotel & tourism sector, Departments of AYUSH, Sports, Health within Government sector.