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It has been seen that due to sedentary lifestyles and lack of physical activities, there has been a gradual increase in movement-related dysfunction of the body. This calls for assistance of specialized physiotherapists. Besides this, the growing awareness about this field has also increased the demand for trained professionals.

There are tremendous employment opportunities for physiotherapists as it is a career where the demand exceeds supply. Like all other medical and paramedical professionals, physiotherapists can work in hospitals, orthopedic departments, and rehabilitation centre for the handicapped, schools for the mentally retarded and physically disabled children, health institutions, health-clubs and defense medical establishments. Physiotherapists can also opt for teaching; pursue research, while those with adequate capital can establish private clinics of their own. Those who are interested in doing further studies, can opt to specialize in techniques like manual therapy, electrotherapy etc.

Their demand in medical institutions is increasing since physiotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of patients with muscular and cerebral problems. They are also in great demand in USA, Canada and Australia. In India, too the demand is rapidly increasing. It is estimated that one physiotherapist is required per 10,000 people. At present there are only 5,000 qualified physiotherapists, so the demand for trained professionals can only be imagined.