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About Us

About the Institute

Swasthya Kalyan College of Physiotherapy is established since 2007 to train and educate qualified physiotherapy professionals who would strive hard to alleviate the human suffering through the advancing, popular, safe and progressing drug-less but scientific system of medicine, which is in great demand all over the world. The College is affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur, and approved by Govt. of Rajasthan.

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the fastest-growing allied areas of medicine today. It is a science that seeks to improve movement related dysfunction of the human body. This healthcare profession sees human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals. It includes the provision of services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by the process of aging or that of injury or disease. Physiotherapists identify and maximize movement potential through health promotion, preventive healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation.

It involves assessment, therapeutic modalities for restoration of physical function enhancing the performance & maintenance of the body. The therapeutic intervention techniques to treat a patients include Manual Therapy, TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Ultrasound Therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Manipulation,Short Wave Diathermy, Acupuncture etc. This therapy is used to revive weak muscles, correct postural problems, difficulties in the movement of shoulder and knee joints, paralysis, various sports injuries, inborn and acquired deformities, gynecological ailments and other such disorders. Patients are referred by medical practitioners to physiotherapists for treatment. Physiotherapists train the disabled and handicapped people to make best use of their abilities. Besides dealing with the preventive and remedial aspects of the disabled, they play a significant role in training sportsmen and in treating any injuries caused.

Aptitude Required

The job of a physiotherapist is such that it requires lot of patience, understanding and sympathetic approach towards patients. So a positive attitude with an ability to instill confidence and courage in patients is the prime requirement.