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About Trust

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Puranmal phoola Devi Memorial Trust
Since 1980
(Reg. No Trust /JPR/45)

Pooranmal Phoola Devi Memorial Trust was founded in 1980 as a tribute to Late Shri Pooranmal Agarwal and Smt. Phoola Devi Agarwal. The family members have since promoted the trust to give the departed the attention that they rightly deserved. With charity in heart and sweat in the arms, the trust has come so far providing hope, health and happiness to the needy and deserving. The Trust, thus has been working with the sole aim of serving the poor and has been operative with the help of a group of dedicated and committed team.

Vision :

Up-liftment of socially down trodden irrespective of class or Community.
Sustainable growth through empowerment and education.
Medical Relief through promotion & development of Medical Service Centre including Blood Bank Hospitals, Homoeopathy Dispensaries, Yog, Naturopathy & Physiotherapy Centre, Medical College, Nursing & Paramedical Institution.
Establishment and expansion of centre & colleges for Engineering, Polytechnic, Industrial training Institution.


To promote and empower women through technical education.
To promote holistic health care through Institutions and Blood Banks.
To create Competent Manpower for State and Nation through technology advancement & Skill Development.
To create awareness among mass through Publication, Research & Development.
Medical Tourism &Wellness Center.